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Can anyone else purchase or lease my leased domain name?

No! The lessee has first opportunity to buy the domain name. According to the terms stated in the Rental Agreement, as long as your account remains in good standing, the domain name belongs exclusively to you.


Why should I rent a domain name?

Renting a domain name is a smart choice for entrepreneurs starting a project, launching a new business, or taking their business to the next level. Renting a quality domain name and brand provides exclusive rights to the name during the term of the lease, with full control over site content. The cost is affordable—a fixed amount paid monthly.

Can I convert my leased domain name to a purchase during the period of the lease?

Yes! You can purchase the leased domain name during the term of the lease. The purchase price or agreed price (Option Price) is specified in the Details page of the original signed contract.


What is the option price?

The option price is the cost for purchase of your leased name. It increases by a mere 5 percent annually.


Are leased domain names available without the option to purchase?

Yes! You may lease the domain name without specifying an option price in the Agreement.


Who has control of the domain name? Can I transfer it to my preferred registrar?

The content on the domain name is controlled by you, via the Domain Name Server (DNS). The owner of the domain will change the name servers if requested. There can be as many sub-domains as desired (ex.: Administrative control of the domain name remains with the owner who is responsible for the cost of annual renewal.


What am I allowed to publish on my rented domain name?

Improper content is not allowed, because it reduces the value of the domain name. The specifics of improper content are defined in the Agreement. You can read about content designated as “improper” in the lease agreement.


What is the annual lease fee increase?

The annual increase is 5 percent.


Can you change my information in the WHOIS?

Your domain can be listed as a private WHOIS if desired.


Who renews my leased domain?

We do the renewals.


Can I lease a domain name indefinitely?

Yes! You may extend the term of the lease indefinitely.


 If I lease the domain name and create a website and then decide to purchase the domain name, will you increase the price significantly?

No! The option price is determined at the time the Agreement is signed. You can buy the domain name at that price at any time during the term of the lease.


At the end of the lease term, what must I do? Can I renew the Lease Agreement?

You must tell us if you want to continue with the lease of the domain name or not, a minimum of 30 days before it expires. If you do not inform us by email within the specified time that you wish to terminate the lease agreement, it will automatically be renewed.


If I decide to purchase the leased domain name after I have leased it for a year, what do I do?

You should contact us for instructions about how to exercise the option price.


How can I sell my domain?

Unfortunately, we do not have a system to sell other domainers’ domains yet.